Off to Work I Go!

27 01 2011

It took 8 long months but I am proud to say that I have been offered a job and am finally going to be starting work in the real world on Monday. Look Mommy, wow! I’m a big girl now!

Technically I’ve been in the “real world” since graduating college in May but I can say without a doubt that these past months living at home have been like taking a step backwards in my maturation rather than helping me in my path toward adulthood. While my celebration dinner with my parents—accompanied with a Shirley temple and a hot chocolate lava cake (YUM)— got a little emotional toward the end as my mom pointed out the fact that once I move out it will be for good this time, I am extremely excited at the prospect of starting my working-girl lifestyle in the big bad city. I’m picturing lots of happy hours after a hard day’s work followed by glamorous nights out on the town with girlfriends on the weekends. Sex and the City minus all of the Manolo Blahniks, Fendi handbags, and endless dates with good-looking men, because lets face it—I’ve got an entry-level salary and there really aren’t that many eligible bachelors in New York City. Another thing I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older, not everything on TV is real. Harsh, I know. Enter sad face emoticon here.

But seriously if anyone out there has been looking for a job for a long while and is starting to get discouraged, just look to me and you should be able to feel better about yourself. I mean there were plenty of times when I got frustrated and depressed to the point where I felt like throwing in the towel and calling up the Betty Ford Clinic to see if they had an extra spot for moi . . . especially right around the time people in the grade below me started getting hired. But believe me, it’s so not worth it. From what I can tell, everyone leaves there with all their problems still in tact anyway. Just keep your integrity, don’t lose sight of your original goal, and keep yourself surrounded by positive people who love you, adore you, and have a good sense of humor.

I think since it’s awards season and the Oscar nominees were just announced it’s appropriate to use the following metaphor: I feel like I just won the Academy Award for Best New Hire. I know it’s not a category, I just made it up but it’s my Academy Award so let me have it. I mean, I had to go on about a billion interviews (auditions) before I got the job (part), which I practiced for hours by myself in front of the mirror (normal). And now I have found the perfect fit (role).

So now for my acceptance speech, please hold the clicking of the mouse (music) because really I think that’s so rude after all I’ve been through this year. I mean a summer job in retail, an internship in NYC, classes at NYU, a ruptured stomach ulcer . . . I think I deserve your attention. I promise to make it quick. So anyway as I was saying, I would like to thank my parents (the Academy) for supporting me financially and taking me in when nobody else would, my sister (agent/crew/director/producer/anyone I forgot) for allowing me to stay with her in New York until we find a better solution, and most of all to my new employer (the love of my life) for seeing in me what no one else could.

Now wish me luck on my first day!


Cityville Crazed

24 01 2011

So as to mark the seal of boring on the current status of my so-called life, I have recently become addicted to Cityville, the game application on Facebook that allows you to build the “city of your dreams”.

I used to think people who played games like Farmville and those word games on Facebook clearly had no life, but now that I am one of those people I can verify that not only do they have no life, they are so bored with their own life that they are forced to build a virtual reality for them to hole up in day in and day out.

In high school I used to waste hours in my basement playing Sims and Rollercoaster Tycoon, so when I saw advertisements for Cityville I thought the opportunity seemed glamorous as opposed to the Facebook stalking and celebrity gossip-reading I was accustomed to.  However, once sucked into my virtual city I decided to call Hermville (pretty clever, right?), the people in it have no personality and everytime I want to build something new I am restricted by a lack of money or energy and must depend on other Cityville users on Facebook to help send me things.

This is frustrating for two reasons. First, when I am stuck in my own virtual reality I like to be the one in charge. Second, I prefer to not have everyone else on Facebook know that I am playing Cityville. It’s not something I am not exactly proud of.

So to fix my problems I either need to get a life or admit to the world that I am addicted to Cityville. And hey, if there is someone reading this right now who is a closet Cityville player like myself, please, send me some snowflakes and become my neighbor. It’ll be our little secret.

Detox for the Decade

5 01 2011

In 2011, I am starting off the new decade as a changed woman, an alcohol-free woman. After having some medical difficulties, my doctor informed me that it is no longer healthy for me to consume distilled liquor and I am now restricted to one serving of wine or beer per day.

Now when I first heard this news a lot of things were running through my head, the first being — OMG the best days of my life are already behind me! Then that was followed by:

– But I haven’t even been to Vegas yet;

– I only just became legally allowed to drink a year ago;

– My bachelorette party is going to suck (contrary to popular belief, this is the only part of my wedding I have been looking forward to since I was a little girl);

– I will forever  be the designated driver among my friends;

– Never again will I be able to use  the I-was-so-drunk excuse for embarrassing or regretful behavior;

– I will always feel the pain of my high heels throughout the entire night;

– The rest of my life is going to be incredibly boring.

Then after the initial freak out I calmed down and thought about the benefits that this situation presented me with. I mean while Snooki makes waking up in dumpsters seem so glamorous and Ke$ha seems to have the garbage bag look down when she’s “dancing dumb” and her “body’s going numb”, I just think maybe it wouldn’t hurt to live my life a bit more classy and put together. So I came up with the following reasons why no longer being able to drink distilled liquor might not be such a bad thing:

– I will seem oh so sophisticated having a glass of wine when I’m out with friends;

– My nights will be much less embarrassing and my mornings much less regretful;

– I will never have a hangover ever again;

– I will probably fall less (though this is questionable since I am a huge klutz);

– I am capable of having fun without being drunk.

And who knows, after a year of drinking only a glass of wine when going out, I may lose so much of my tolerance that I might start to feel a little “tipsy” from just that one glass. But for now, after still being fresh out of college, where downing a bottle of vodka between 3-4 friends was a pre-game, I’ll have to come to terms with my new sober self.

So far it hasn’t been so bad. New Year’s Eve I opted for a low-key apartment party rather than a raging club, and I ended up having a great time, despite any reservations I may have had.

So with this new decade comes a new resolution for me to stay healthy, and if that means being the only sane lady in a room full of sweaty, grinding wasted slobs then I guess I’ll just have to deal. I’m starting this new decade on a fresh note. From here on out, sober is the new black and I’m rockin’ it all four seasons long.


Peace Out 2010

29 12 2010

As I reflect on the past year, I can’t help but think 2010 was nothing but a disappointment. Forgive my pessimism. I know New Year’s Eve is supposed to be one big celebration, a goodbye to a year well spent and the hope for an even better one. But after the year I’ve experienced, I can’t help but think is it all downhill from here?

When I was a little girl and I imagined 2010, I pictured flying cars and a robot BFF. Instead what I got was a graduation that forced me to leave college, no job, and a ruptured stomach. I don’t even have a car, let alone a flying one—I still have to ask my parents to borrow theirs. And all of my BFFs, they’re scattered about in different cities and states. We barely get to see each other and are forced to keep in touch through superficial means like texting, face-booking, and twittering.

Rather than finding intelligent life on other planets, we have found Google. Everyone’s answer to life’s simplest questions are answered with, “Just Google it.” Once I’d like someone to actually give me a real answer. Oh, and with 2010 we now have TV commercials in movie theaters. What a revelation!

Lately I have come to wonder why New Years Eve is made out to be such a celebration. Is everyone desperately clinging to the hope that next year will be so much better than the last?  And why does everybody make such a big deal about what their New Year’s plans will be? Is it really all that important?

What are your New Year’s plans? And how long have you known what you are going to do? I think I’m going to protest New Year’s Eve this year and do nothing. How ’bout that?

So long 2010, you haven’t been that good to me. 2011, I hope we can be friends, because frankly . . . I have high hopes for you.

Lucky to be Alive

15 11 2010

There really is no place like home. After 10 days in the hospital due to an emergency surgery I finally fully understand what Dorothy meant when she said this.

I was one day away from death. One more day without seeking medical attention and I would have died. That has really given me something to think about. No 22-year-old should have to face what I went through and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

The hospital is a lonely, dreary place.  There isn’t much there to keep you motivated. There is definitely a need for a good interior decorating hospital business. But with the loving support of my family and friends I was able to find the strength to work toward making it out and back home. I looked forward to coming home to my dogs, a real shower and clothes that covered my backside. I never realized what a privilege it was to get out of bed and walk to the bathroom on my own or to get a full night’s sleep without nurses poking and prodding you for your vitals or blood every half hour.

I have so much to be thankful for this holiday season: for my sister who brought me to the hospital and took off work in order to care for me and make sure my hair wasn’t out of place, for my parents who stayed all during visiting hours and made sure I was getting the best care, for my friends who visited me and brightened my hospital room with beautiful flowers, stuffed animals and thoughtful cards, for Dr. Shah for saving my life, for my favorite nurse Carolle, who treated me as one of her own, for food (no judging – I wasn’t able to eat for a week), and for my dogs for giving me something to look forward to when I got out.

I will now remind myself everyday how lucky I am to be alive, because I truly am. And if I ever find myself in a sticky situation and feel like clicking my heels for home, I know its never too far away.

New Grad, New Priorities . . . New Me

24 10 2010

My priorities have completely changed and I’ve only been a college graduate for six months. Where my biggest concern used to be which fraternity our sorority’s next mixer was with, or if I was going to be able to get a table at the library, nowadays I’m more worried about if I remembered to set my DVR to record all of my favorite television shows. I barely even watched TV in my four years at Pitt and now I have a bevy of shows each night that are a “must-see”.

Instead of going out 3-4 nights a week I am interning 3 days a week and going to class 3 nights a week. Sunday through Thursday I am staying at my sister’s place in New York City and Friday through Sunday I usually come back to New Jersey to stay with my parents. I practically live out of a suitcase. I have also been picking up some odd jobs here and there to make some extra money on the side. Between work, class, homework, and the sleep I try to fit in between, I am lucky if I get to go out one night a week anymore. But I finally have something I am working toward and after four years of partying and no worries I feel that I have no right to complain.

In just six months I have gone from a care-free college student to a woman on a mission. Sometimes I don’t even recognize myself. But then I do something like take the wrong subway, end up in Queens, and I am once again reminded of the long way I still have to go.

NYU Bound

21 09 2010

I have been applying to jobs since December of my senior year. I’m tired. I’m tired of reading rejection letters and  hearing “Thanks, but no thanks.” I’m tired of feeling like I’ve tried everything – from networking and going on informational interviews, to interviewing for freelancing positions to applying for jobs I don’t even want. I’ve applied to them all — part-time, full-time, half-time, paid, unpaid, freelance, from-home , in-office. I’ve stalked HR departments, hunted down my favorite author, used parents’ connections and you would think that after all of this I would want to give up.

I’ve thought about it. But nope, not yet. As Destiny’s Child would say, “I’m a survivor.”

So I’ve decided to go back to school. With the little money I have left from my working days in retail and making minimum wage as a copy editor at my university’s newspaper, I am going to be taking night classes at NYU Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  I’ll be working toward my certificate in book editing to further spruce up my resume. The program offers exclusive job fairs with publishing companies and will hopefully help get my foot in the door with teachers who work in the business.

Thursday will be my first day of class and I haven’t been able to contain my excitement. I feel like a little kid on Christmas, which is really weird since I’m Jewish. My friends make it sound really exciting, though. I can’t wait to write on notebook paper with fresh ink from my brand new pens. I just love the excitement that new school supplies bring! I never thought I would miss being a student so much. I feel like such a nerd but I can not wait to learn all about the book publishing industry and prove that I belong in this field.

I am upset about having class Thursday night, though, because I will be missing part of the Pitt football game vs. Miami. My new school is conflicting with my old school and I was hoping that I would never have to choose. However, I can’t miss my first day of class and I will rush home in time for the end of the game. I hope Pitt understands and knows that my heart will always remain loyal to the Panthers (thank goodness NYU doesn’t have a football team).

Wish me luck on my first day!