Marigold Massacre

25 05 2010

Before celebrities like Angelina Jolie made it popular, I have always planned to adopt a child from Africa when the time was right. Despite my own fears of infertility which I won’t get into right now, I would love to rescue a child in need and make them feel unconditionally loved.  I have always wanted to take a trip to Africa to see all of the exotic animals and since I wasn’t able to convince my parents to take me there for my Bat Mitzvah trip or my graduation trip — or any other trip for that matter — this may be my way in.

Every year since I can remember, my mother and I have been planting flowers together in my backyard. We go together to the local market, pick out the type and color and bring them back to our backyard to plant, fertilize, water and then watch them thrive. Until recently I have either been away at college or too preoccupied to be there for the second half of the process. My mom would more or less just send me pictures of how they were growing and by the time I visited them, they would be covered in the first frost.

This year I took it upon myself to have more of an active role in our garden gallivanting. I picked out the flowers I wanted to plant — African Marigolds. I picked them for their resemblance to the pom-pom (they looked so cute and fun!) and the fact that they were from Africa. I thought it was perfect practice. I’ll start small with flowers and then be ready to upgrade to a baby.

We planted the flowers together and everything went perfect. The flowers looked beautiful in the spot we saved for them in our backyard. The only problem was my mom was leaving on a trip for the next three days and was leaving me to tend to them all by myself. This was the real test.

The next day I was excited to go out and water my African babies. But when I got to them they were just stems! Their pom-poms that I loved so much were shredded all over the ground, in what I could only describe as a marigold massacre. Groundhogs had gotten to them before I could do anything to save them.

I’m still in mourning over my flowers and hoping we will be able to salvage some. It seems the groundhogs liked the yellow marigolds a lot more than the orange ones, and hopefully they will not be coming back for more. Either way, I feel like a failure.

Clearly, I am not ready to upgrade from African Marigold to African baby if this is any indication. This week we will be planting some more flowers — orange only — and let’s hope it goes smoother than last week. I will have my two dogs standing on guard just in case.


Pom-Poms great for centerpieces





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