Hi I’m Stacy. Wanna be my friend?

8 06 2010

You know that saying, hoes before bros? Chicks over . . . well, you get it. There’s a certain “girl code” when it comes to friendships, a line that isn’t to be crossed. No choosing boyfriends over friends, no hooking up with ex-boyfriends and always have each other’s backs when “that girl” shows up at your party.

As a young girl I was fearless. I would walk up to anybody and introduce myself. “Hi I’m Stacy. Wanna be my friend?” While that was okay for running around on the playground, now I need a much better screening process when it comes to picking and choosing my friends. After a lot of trial and error I have come to find that it’s more important to have a few trustworthy and loyal friend as opposed to a lot of fake and unreliable ones.

Since graduation, I have had anxiety over the fact that my few close friends and I were all going off in different directions. My life was leading me back home to New Jersey. While I was dealing with that reality,  my other friends were being pulled across the country for new jobs, off to graduate school and back to their own homes all in different states.

With new advancements in technology coming out all the time there are more ways than ever to keep in touch. Although I have to admit I have fallen victim to Email, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, iChat, the Kindle, blogging and am the proud owner of two iPods and an iPhone, I guess you could say I’m still kind of old school for being a member of my generation. I still prefer a phone call to a text or email and, call me crazy, but I’ll take face-to-face human interaction over every form of telecommunication any day.

I saw Sex and the City 2 a couple of weeks ago with my mom, sister and the rest of the world’s female population. I can’t help but think back to the part when the girls are out and Samantha denies a man’s proposition for a drink because she’s having a girls’ night out. She then turns to a surprised Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte and says, “We made a deal ages ago. Men, babies, doesn’t matter. We are soul mates.”

As my friends and I get older, boyfriends, technology and life are getting in the way of how often we’re able to spend quality time together. I have always been the type of girl who would have my friends’ back no matter the situation I was in or the boy I was with. I can only hope that I am not expecting too much in asking for the same in return. I think every girl deserves that much from their true friends.

Time brings with it obstacles, but with some work friendships are able to overcome, becoming stronger in the end,  just like the ones belonging to the girls of SATC. No matter how far we are from each other, or who may come in and out of our lives, I hope we are able to nurture our friendships. After all they’re never fully done growing. So as we used to say in high school KIT (keep in touch), HAGS (have a good summer) and BFFAE4L (best friends forever and ever for life).




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