I Don’t Wanna Grow Up, I’m A Canadensis Kid

22 06 2010

This weekend I reunited with my Camp Canadensis family for its 70th Anniversary Alumni Reunion. Eight friends and I stayed overnight in the Poconos Friday and then went into camp Saturday for the big event. I attended Canadensis from 1996 – 2005, Junior camper to Junior Counselor, and loved every minute of it.

Going to this reunion brought back so many memories for me. We went to The Pine Hollow Friday night, which is the bar that all of our counselors went to on their nights off. They used to tell us they were going to the Dairy Queen. I think it took me until my CIT summer to realize that this was not the case. When I was a JC my 10-year-old campers already knew that the Dairy Queen was code for going to the bar. There is such a loss of innocence in kids these days. Or am I really just that gullible?

Now that we’re all finally of legal drinking age and can get into the Hollow it was a very exciting experience. I was finally able to experience all the glamor I had been missing. I was able to get three drinks for just $9! I don’t know anywhere else where you can get a deal like that and it wasn’t any kind of drink special either.

I saw counselors and group leaders from when I was nine and 10 years old who now had husbands and babies and now I was at the bar having a drink with them!  It was surreal. I had looked up to these people and now they were talking to me as if I was a real person. It made me feel very grown up and sophisticated. Of course that all went downhill when I missed a step and fell in front of everyone — and yes, everyone saw. I’ve been known to be a klutz and this was not the time I needed to reclaim my title. It was completely embarrassing and as I got up and tried to brush it off like nothing happened I had about 10 people come up and ask me if I was OK. Dammit.

We got lucky Saturday and had perfect weather going into camp. It was amazing to see how beautiful the camp still is. We really took advantage of the camp’s beauty while walking those same camp roads every day for the seven weeks that we spent there as campers. Saturday I was able to appreciate and take in every inch of the camp grounds. I even rolled down the windows on the windy road driving into camp to breathe in the smell of camp air. Lake Lenape was glistening bright as ever, although I did not go in for fear of the snapping turtle Uncle Steve never caught and getting gasoline-covered legs again. I went into some of my old bunks. It’s nice to see that they have not changed one bit. The improvements camp has made, however, are really nice — except I still can’t get over the phone room now having cell phone chargers. I can not wrap my head around that one. I don’t think cell phones, or any type of technology, should be allowed during those weeks at camp. I got to catch an old timers’ NBA game on the office courts. Good job boys, you’ve proved you still have some steam left in you.

There’s something about being with friends that you’ve known since you were seven years old that brings you back to that juvenile state again. I don’t think I stopped smiling or laughing all weekend. When I left my cheeks hurt  but in a good way. There’s something to be said about a group of people who know each other inside and out, and love each other just the same, who might not see each other for months at a time but when they finally do get together pick up right where they left off. Apparently Camp Canadensis will be having reunions like this every five years from now on. I can’t wait until the next one.  I know I won’t have to wait too long until I am laughing with my friends again.




2 responses

24 06 2010

wonderful post stacy 🙂 it was great to see you!!

25 06 2010

Thanks Brigitte! It was great seeing you too! You’ll have to send me those media job sites we were talking about.

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