10 08 2010

There has been recent advancements made in the movie industry, which has reignited the excitement of going to the movie theater. I now find the 15 minutes of commercials before the previews not so bad, because I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it comes in the form of 3D, IMAX and surround sound with exceptional special effects.

My post-graduate, unemployed lifestyle has granted me the freedom to go to the movies whenever I choose. Needless to say I’ve seen my fair share of films this summer. My favorite 3D movie so far this summer was Toy Story 3D hands down. And if it’s not yours, too, then you’re just kidding yourself.

There is this small theater about 20 minutes from my house that my family and I like to go to every so often. Not only do they have the best popcorn (Orville Redenbacher’s), and believe me I’ve tried them all, but they always have great independent films. The problem with independent films, though, is that they always seem to end so abruptly. I know there is a point to this madness, but I still get upset every time it happens. Those artsy filmmakers and their hope for you to come to your own conclusions, and discuss amongst yourselves, reminds me of a lot of my literature classes. The only problem is no one in my family likes to discuss films, or literature for that matter, except for me. They are all into business, math and all that left-side-of-the-brain junk. After they are over I’m lucky if I get a “That was good,” out of them. Asking them what they thought of the film is more difficult than pulling teeth.

This past weekend I saw Inception with my sister. It was an amazing film and that was something we could both agree on. It will definitely be getting plenty of nominations come award season. The acting was phenomenal — anything Leonardo DiCaprio does lately is genius — but it is also a film that leaves a lot up for debate and is meant, in my opinion, to be talked about. The title itself is defined as planting an idea into someone else’s subconscious.

After seeing it there are now a ton of theories and ideas planted in my own mind that I need to talk to someone about, however, my sister refuses to talk about them with me. I am going crazy! I have been having the most insane dreams the past two nights and I need to know if anyone else has seen it, and if they are feeling the same way.

At the end did the totem topple? I was hoping it would but then, of course, they ended it before you could see what happened! Was Cobb dreaming the entire time? Help! Tell me your thoughts!




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