NYU Bound

21 09 2010

I have been applying to jobs since December of my senior year. I’m tired. I’m tired of reading rejection letters and  hearing “Thanks, but no thanks.” I’m tired of feeling like I’ve tried everything – from networking and going on informational interviews, to interviewing for freelancing positions to applying for jobs I don’t even want. I’ve applied to them all — part-time, full-time, half-time, paid, unpaid, freelance, from-home , in-office. I’ve stalked HR departments, hunted down my favorite author, used parents’ connections and you would think that after all of this I would want to give up.

I’ve thought about it. But nope, not yet. As Destiny’s Child would say, “I’m a survivor.”

So I’ve decided to go back to school. With the little money I have left from my working days in retail and making minimum wage as a copy editor at my university’s newspaper, I am going to be taking night classes at NYU Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  I’ll be working toward my certificate in book editing to further spruce up my resume. The program offers exclusive job fairs with publishing companies and will hopefully help get my foot in the door with teachers who work in the business.

Thursday will be my first day of class and I haven’t been able to contain my excitement. I feel like a little kid on Christmas, which is really weird since I’m Jewish. My friends make it sound really exciting, though. I can’t wait to write on notebook paper with fresh ink from my brand new pens. I just love the excitement that new school supplies bring! I never thought I would miss being a student so much. I feel like such a nerd but I can not wait to learn all about the book publishing industry and prove that I belong in this field.

I am upset about having class Thursday night, though, because I will be missing part of the Pitt football game vs. Miami. My new school is conflicting with my old school and I was hoping that I would never have to choose. However, I can’t miss my first day of class and I will rush home in time for the end of the game. I hope Pitt understands and knows that my heart will always remain loyal to the Panthers (thank goodness NYU doesn’t have a football team).

Wish me luck on my first day!




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