Off to Work I Go!

27 01 2011

It took 8 long months but I am proud to say that I have been offered a job and am finally going to be starting work in the real world on Monday. Look Mommy, wow! I’m a big girl now!

Technically I’ve been in the “real world” since graduating college in May but I can say without a doubt that these past months living at home have been like taking a step backwards in my maturation rather than helping me in my path toward adulthood. While my celebration dinner with my parents—accompanied with a Shirley temple and a hot chocolate lava cake (YUM)— got a little emotional toward the end as my mom pointed out the fact that once I move out it will be for good this time, I am extremely excited at the prospect of starting my working-girl lifestyle in the big bad city. I’m picturing lots of happy hours after a hard day’s work followed by glamorous nights out on the town with girlfriends on the weekends. Sex and the City minus all of the Manolo Blahniks, Fendi handbags, and endless dates with good-looking men, because lets face it—I’ve got an entry-level salary and there really aren’t that many eligible bachelors in New York City. Another thing I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older, not everything on TV is real. Harsh, I know. Enter sad face emoticon here.

But seriously if anyone out there has been looking for a job for a long while and is starting to get discouraged, just look to me and you should be able to feel better about yourself. I mean there were plenty of times when I got frustrated and depressed to the point where I felt like throwing in the towel and calling up the Betty Ford Clinic to see if they had an extra spot for moi . . . especially right around the time people in the grade below me started getting hired. But believe me, it’s so not worth it. From what I can tell, everyone leaves there with all their problems still in tact anyway. Just keep your integrity, don’t lose sight of your original goal, and keep yourself surrounded by positive people who love you, adore you, and have a good sense of humor.

I think since it’s awards season and the Oscar nominees were just announced it’s appropriate to use the following metaphor: I feel like I just won the Academy Award for Best New Hire. I know it’s not a category, I just made it up but it’s my Academy Award so let me have it. I mean, I had to go on about a billion interviews (auditions) before I got the job (part), which I practiced for hours by myself in front of the mirror (normal). And now I have found the perfect fit (role).

So now for my acceptance speech, please hold the clicking of the mouse (music) because really I think that’s so rude after all I’ve been through this year. I mean a summer job in retail, an internship in NYC, classes at NYU, a ruptured stomach ulcer . . . I think I deserve your attention. I promise to make it quick. So anyway as I was saying, I would like to thank my parents (the Academy) for supporting me financially and taking me in when nobody else would, my sister (agent/crew/director/producer/anyone I forgot) for allowing me to stay with her in New York until we find a better solution, and most of all to my new employer (the love of my life) for seeing in me what no one else could.

Now wish me luck on my first day!