Cityville Crazed

24 01 2011

So as to mark the seal of boring on the current status of my so-called life, I have recently become addicted to Cityville, the game application on Facebook that allows you to build the “city of your dreams”.

I used to think people who played games like Farmville and those word games on Facebook clearly had no life, but now that I am one of those people I can verify that not only do they have no life, they are so bored with their own life that they are forced to build a virtual reality for them to hole up in day in and day out.

In high school I used to waste hours in my basement playing Sims and Rollercoaster Tycoon, so when I saw advertisements for Cityville I thought the opportunity seemed glamorous as opposed to the Facebook stalking and celebrity gossip-reading I was accustomed to.  However, once sucked into my virtual city I decided to call Hermville (pretty clever, right?), the people in it have no personality and everytime I want to build something new I am restricted by a lack of money or energy and must depend on other Cityville users on Facebook to help send me things.

This is frustrating for two reasons. First, when I am stuck in my own virtual reality I like to be the one in charge. Second, I prefer to not have everyone else on Facebook know that I am playing Cityville. It’s not something I am not exactly proud of.

So to fix my problems I either need to get a life or admit to the world that I am addicted to Cityville. And hey, if there is someone reading this right now who is a closet Cityville player like myself, please, send me some snowflakes and become my neighbor. It’ll be our little secret.